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Reporting a Hate Crime

If you are the victim of a hate crime, call 911 or your local police department. Once a police report has been filed, your local officials are required by law to report the incident to the Illinois State Police for investigation.


Illinois Attorney General Hate Crime Report/Civil Rights Hotline

Anyone in the state of Illinois can call this hotline (877) 581-3692 for help with hate crimes. Visit the Attorney General’s website for more information.

Cook County Sheriff’s Office Hotline

Call this hotline (773) 674-4357 to report a hate crime if you live in Cook County.

Chicago Police Department’s Civil Rights Unit

Call this 911 unit investigates reports of hate crimes in the city of Chicago. You can also file a police report online here.

Coordinated Advice & Referral Program for Legal Services(CARPLS)

Contact this organization helpline (312) 738-9200 if you want free legal help with a hate crime in Chicago, including an attorney to help you navigate the criminal court process or to file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator. If you or someone you know has experienced hate incidents, or if you are seeking information on how to combat hate crime you can use their free and confidential helpline.