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About the Commission

The Illinois Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes mission is to identify and uproot sources of discrimination and bias at the source, while assisting with the development of resources, training, and information that allow for a swift and efficient response to hate-motivated crimes and incidents. Working with educators throughout Illinois on issues concerning discrimination and hate, the Commission helps ensure that this State’s laws addressing discrimination and hate-related violence are widely known and applied correctly to help eradicate and prevent crimes based on discrimination and intolerance. The Commission also makes recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly for statutory and programmatic changes necessary to eliminate discrimination and hate-based violence. They implement recommendations by working with State agencies, the General Assembly, the business community, social service community and other organizations.

Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes Meetings

​This committee provides public notice about the public meetings that it will hold from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the dates that follow. Remote and virtual access via WebEx will be made available for public attendance.